Pawel Ostrowski - about the founder


Polish drummer and educator. Pawel has been teaching drums for almost 20 years, but above all he contribute to various music projects as a drummer. Pawel plays with such polish stars as Stan Borys and many others musicians, among others singing polish actors.
Pawel won the competition Polish Percussion Awards 2019 in the ‚Personality of the Year’ category.
He is the author of two contemporary books for drummer (available for now in Polish language) – „Complete Training and „Many Styled Drummer and the book for cajon players „Cajon For Everyone. 
Pawel has been cooperating with Polish Drum Magazine „Magazyn Perkusista” for 10 years, for which he has created several abundant series of lessons for drummers: „Ghostbusters” (ghost notes in grooves and fills), Girls On Drums (20 drum lesson about basics from drumming, Under The Magnifying Glass (dozens of lessons on learning how to play covers), Complete Drum Training.
Pawel is also the editor-in-chief of InfoDrum.pl Drum Magazine and the author of several online courses for drums and cajon.
In addition, he run drum workshops, online lessons, online instrument tests, and privately love training Wing Tsun Chinese Kungfu.
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