Quintuplet - how to play them freely and feel comfortable playing fives?

Fives stroke group are an irregular, very uncomfortable and strange group to start with.

Before you feel free to play quintuplet, some time must pass. I will show you several ways to make it easier and "feel" better the Fives playing on the snare drum and then the drum set.

1. Play sixteen and sixteen note triplets interchangeably (single strokes) and find the value "between" - "fives". Ie. You can play sixteenths for one measure and sixteenth note triplets for one measure, then try to get a little slower to play quintuplets (fives).

Try to play fives, "slowing down" your hands slightly - hands play a little slower than sixteen note triplets and a little faster than sixteenths.

"Find" fives, between fours and sixes

2.When you play single stroke fives, the order of hands reverses (as in the case of a triplet), i.e. one group starts from the right and the next from the left hand. This awareness of changing hands makes it easier to perform fives and set them rhythmically in tact.

3. Accents for each first quintuplet in group will also help you find your right place in time.

Strong accents help you find the main note.

4.Add a leg (Foot or hihat) - this is a more difficult way, because at the beginning it will not be easy to coordinate your arms and legs. When you play quintuplet with sixteenths, add hihat (or bass drum) as eight notes.

Try to add eight notes with hihat (it isn't easy!)

The first beat of the leg will fall on the first note of the quintuplet group, but the second beat of the leg falls exactly halfway between the third and fourth note played with your hands (this is due to the simple geometrical division of 5 elements into 2.5).

To learn how to add a leg playing eights from sixteenths quintuplets, practice the aforementioned sixteenths and sixteen note triplet interchangeably, then find the "average" value, i.e. between four and sixes play fives - then one five from the right, the second from the left, which can also be helpful.

Good luck with Quintuplets!


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