1.Single Flam

Flam is one of the snare drum rudiments, very useful and quite simple.

Flam involves hitting both hands at the same time on the instrument (usually a snare drum or tom toms).

The main beat is played exactly on time, e.g. quarter note, and the flam (single when it is a single flam) is slightly ahead of the main note, literally by a fraction of a second.

To make it easier play a flam, stroke with a hand that overtakes the main hit from a lower stroke (down stroke), and the main note play with other hand from a higher stick position.

Single Flam - main note with the right and flam with the left

Flam amplifies the sound of a single beat, so if you want to emphasize a drum fill or emphasize a snare drum in the groove more strongly, use flam to hit the snare with both hands.

It is worth practicing the flams from both hands, as in the lessons of this course (eg. playing a quarter notes with the right and left alternately, overtake them with the other hand by playing flams - once left, then right).

There are also denser (double, triple) flams, but single flame have the greatest expression, so pay them a lot of attention to use this useful technical tool.

2. Snare drum sounding lower and lower.

How to lower the sound of a snare drum significantly without turning its screws? It's easy - just put a separate drumhead on the snare, with the reverse side. This clever treatment will give you a low, loud, fleshy sound of snare drum literally in a second, without having to retune the snare drum drum key.

The most interesting thing is that the snare drum can be re-tuned several times, i.e. by putting a drumhead on snare you lower the sound, but if you put another drumhead (preferably slightly smaller than the diameter of the snare drum), the sound of the instrument will decrease even more. Try to stack 2 or 3 drumheads of varying diameter (from largest to smallest) and compare how the snare drum will change after applying the next drumhead.

Putting other drumhead on snare

You can stick the applied drumhead to the snare with tape on the sides so that it does not fall when playing.

If you want to get an even more softer sound, use a felt stick. It will make your snare drum sound more juicier.

Instead of drumhead, you can also use several sheets of paper, properly attaching them to the surface of the snare drum (sticking item), but using drumhead is the most convenient and fastest.

Felt stick on snare

Just remember that the drumhead used should not be too damaged (when its surface is strongly stretched, it will be difficult to get a good sound).

Test your snare drum sound and have fun!


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