Fitness body - physical exercises for the drummer

We know that it is worth taking care of the health and fitness of our body, because we have one life and one health, and playing drums burden our body, especially the spine.

It's good when you play sports and lead an active lifestyle, then you strengthen your body, strengthening muscles, especially deep muscles, responsible for keeping your figure in the right position.

The overload on the drummer's body is due to three basic factors:

1.the long sitting position behind the instrument,

2.the simultaneous work of arms and legs - simultaneous work of the legs can additionally burden the spine,

3. carrying heavy equipment (transportation drums when traveling to a concert).

There are a lot of strengthening exercises, I will show you my three favorites, which are great for strengthening the body.


This exercise strengthens not only the abdominal muscles, but also the whole body. Take the same position as when making a push-up, ensuring that the body forms a straight line - legs, thighs, pelvis, back and neck.

You can hold your hands in a bent position, inside to the ground, as in the picture below, or straightened at the elbow, as in the initial stage of making a push-up.

Plank position - one of the hardest variation

Hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds, up to a minute to start with. It is best to exercise your plank regularly - e.g. daily.

Start with a short time, reaching a minute or two - preferably several times a day (and before and after playing the drums).


In this exercise, you bend your body backwards, doing so-called "cradle". It is important to stretch the back and chest as much as possible - in this way you open the chest, which during playing drums tends to "close".

Try to stretch your legs and arms as far forward as possible, raising your legs and arms high above the body line. Stay in this position for at least 15 seconds and repeat the exercise several times.

"Superman" position

3.Core stabilization

This is another interesting group of exercises that strengthens deep muscles of the body, especially the so-called core muscles (abdomen and around). There are several variants of this exercise.

The simplest of them is standing on both legs and opening the chest, along with the rotation of the straight arm - back and forth. The head and eyes follow the hand. The initial stage is both arms straight out from the front. Slowly move both arms to the side until you feel a slight chest pain.

Core stabilization - variation 1

A more difficult version is standing slightly apart with legs bent, and even more difficult (so it is best to strengthen the body) - standing on one leg, with the other leg bent at a right angle.

Core stabilization - variation 2

VERY IMPORTANT: Breathe deeply during these exercises. Also try to pull in the stomach (plank and core stabilization).

Train regularly, strengthening your body!

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