1.Lean of the snare drum

The snare drum is often leaning slightly towards you, which facilitates the comfort of hitting the snare drum with sticks, but also performing other techniques, such as rimshot (more about rimshot later in the course).

You can also set the snare drum completely flat, but it requires a precise adjustment of the snare height so as not to hit the rim when you want to hit the drumhead itself and on the other hand to be able to play comfortable the rimshot when you want to hit the drumhead and the rim simultaneously.

But leaning the snare in the opposite direction to ours also has its legitimacy. When you set the snare angled the other way, your hands will work more naturally in terms of the work of the wrist - then the wrist bends down, according to your own construction and movement mechanics. In this case you also need to choose the height of the snare drum position so as not to hit the rim and you didn't have to raise his hands too high.

Leaning the snare the other way

2.Exercise standing - why is it worth it?

The right standing position is healthier for our body. When you stand, you put less weight on your back. But it's also important how you stand - it's worth going back to the basics, because there are never too many of them. The more that the sedentary work we currently have worsens our health, especially the spine.

How to stand in a "healthy way"? Just like sitting, try to stretch your head as high as possible, and your legs - preferably slightly bent - "stick" into the ground, lowering your shoulders and pushing your chest forward. The back is obviously straight. You can stretch your abdominal muscles slightly, as recommended when sitting behind the set.

Try warming up your hands on a snare drum or drum pad standing up, you just need to raise the instrument high enough. It's a good habit to have as much standing, instead of sitting as possible. Your back will definitely thank you for that.

Feel comfortable standing

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