How to train drummer's hands without instruments - "dry"?

There are many exercises to improve the performance of the drummer's hands, specifically the wrists and fingers.

These exercises increase the mobility of our joints, but also help develop specific muscle groups responsible for strength, speed or flexibility of the hands.

1.One of the basic exercises for the efficiency of the wrists is clapping with the joined hands at the base. This exercise is also recommended by the famous drummer Jojo Mayer. Tap your hands together, joining your fingers - start slowly, gradually increasing the speed. Exercise like this for a few minutes and your wrists will warm up and strengthen over time (regular daily training).

Strengthen your wrists

2.A simple but good exercise for the wrists is to circle the wrists of the hands joined together.

Wrists circulation

3.The second group of exercises are finger exercises. Any exercises actively involving the fingers develop their efficiency.

You can work on their agility by learning to play the piano or guitar, but also simply by closing your fingers and opening them - together or each finger separately.

Opening and closing fingers
Fingers closing separately or together

4.The next set of exercises are stretching exercises. These exercises not only allow you to relax muscles, but also increase mobility of joints, tendon and muscle flexibility.

It is important, however, to avoid stretching your unheated hands. It is best to use stretching as a break for snare exercises, or physical exercises when the muscles are properly supplied with blood and warmed up. There are many stretching exercises.

Try to bend your wrist with proper sensitivity in both directions, also placing your hands on the snare and stretching your arms far forward, up and sideways.

You can also use the sticks to stretch by twisting with the sticks, or pulling them out as in the picture below.

Stretching (1)
Stretching (2)
Stretching (3)
Stretching (4)
Stretching with Sticks

Treat these exercises as a supplement to normal training with the instrument.

Good luck!

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