How to set the snare drum - general tips:

1. Keep the symmetry - set the snare drum that it is exactly in the middle of your body - when you sit - that is, evenly between the right and left sides of your figure.

2.The correct height - when you are sitting, the surface of the snare should be at such a height that your hands holding the drumsticks freely hit the snare, creating an angle slightly more than 90 degrees in the elbow.

3. Tilt - most often the snare drum is slightly inclined towards us.

4.Distance from the snare drum - adjust it so that you can comfortable hit the snare drum using sticks (do not turn your elbows back too much or not having a problem reaching the snare drum, when you hit in the middle of snare).

How to hold sticks - general tips:

1. Begin with the natural arrangement of the hands on the snare - when the hands are lying on the surface of the snare drum naturally, grasp the drumsticks in the most natural, just it.

2. Grab the sticks to properly use the weight of the of - about 1/3 of the length from the end is the place of the correct handle - then the stick has the right strength to bounce and can be controlled well.

Basic technical mistakes in playing the snare drum:

1. Snare drum is too low - you stiffen your wrist,

2. Snare drum is too high - you stiffen your forearm and you can't play with the right technique.

3. Contouring the wrist outwards in relation to the forearm - you stiffen muscles and block the locomotor system. Hold the sticks on the snare surface at an angle greater than 45 degrees and less than 90.

4. Excessive pulling the elbows away from the body - when you're playing a snare drum, try to keep the elbows close to the torso, this will ensure proper hand working, precision of hitting and greater loosening of the body.

5. Excessive backward elbows before or after hitting - be careful not to undo your hand unnecessarily.

Rebound Stroke Technique

It's worth starting to train with this kind of hitting a snare or pad.

This technique consists of bouncing the stick after hitting - the stick bounces and returns to the initial position (vertical). We practice this technique with a high stick level (up stroke) - the stick is upright, stick's head up - before and after the impact. You need to learn how to recover the energy of the striking stick, so that the stick will return to the same upper position after impact.

Rebound Stroke - This same up position before and after stroke.

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