1.Open-closed + Finger Control - combining both techniques

We have already discussed both techniques, so you know the mechanism of their operation and possibilities of use.

But playing the snare drum, and especially the whole drum set, consists of combining different techniques, because it would be difficult to use only one or two.

This time we will focus on combining the open-closed technique with finger control. Combining them together gives better technical capabilities and increases efficiency.

The easiest way is to make two strokes with the open-closed technique and one or two strokes with the participation of your fingers, just after closing your hand (closed). But skillful use of these techniques depends on what we want to play.

The presence of an accent determines the use of one or the other technique: - the accent on the first hit in the group or the accent played individually - here the open technique will work perfectly, - an accent on the second or third hit in a group (sixteenths, triplets) - you can play it without any problems using your fingers, i.e. the finger control technique. When You hit two sixteenths with one hand, first accented, second as ghost note (for example play snare drum in groove, with left hand, playing accent on 2 and 4 and the next sixteen after them as ghost), you can use the close technique, etc.

Try, test, research, practice, combining both techniques, more in the practical part of the lesson (and nest lessons).

2.Playing with passion - elements of mental training

We practice and improve control over emotions. When playing, bring out the most positive emotions from yourself to anchor this stimulus and develop a habit of positive thinking and feeling.

How to arouse positive emotions?

Think about some pleasures when you play, what you love, what motivates you, adds energy, raises blood pressure and stimulates action, filling you with happiness hormones.

Recall this state before you sit in the set or the snare drum. Close your eyes if you want and bring these positive images (visualization) to your head, breathing deeply (relaxed). Give yourself a few minutes to enter such a positive state.

You can simply wind yourself up positively with your favorite music, physical exercise, or the memory of an extremely successful date. 🙂

When you play, try to smile from ear to ear - it's quite strange, especially at the beginning, but over time it will become another joyful habit.

Good luck in your happiness!

Power of positive visualisation


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