Not only drumsticks - other accessories for a snare drum, how to use them and why?

When we're playing the snare drum and drum set, it's worth remembering about other percussion accessories, except a typical drum sticks. There are many different types of sticks, but also brushes, hot rods and other inventions that change and enrich drums and cymbals sound, while developing more of a playing technique.


Brushes are the most popular, except for sticks. Used mainly in jazz music, but not only.

You can play brushes in a classic - jazz - way for them, but we will talk about it in another lesson, because it is worth using brushes to play the same snare drum exercises that You play with sticks.

Brushes do not show such high elasticity, which is why we have to work harder to play with them, e.g. doubles.

Using brushes, you will not use many techniques of the playing, such as Rebound stroke, which means you need to involve your fingers more in the playing and thanks to that you will develop the finger control technique.

Brushes can be adjusted - pull them out more and less, which changes their sound and rebounding.

Playing snare drum with the brushes.

2.Hot Rods

Another interesting tool are hot rods - made of wood or plastic - thinner or thicker sticks joined together.

Hot rods give yet another snare sound (more "dry") and are quieter in nature. They also do not bounce as well as sticks, so you can also develop technique because of it, because it is more difficult to play many exercises due to lack of good rebounding.

Wooden hot rods by Rohema

Some hot rods can also be pulled out and retracted, changing the sound and technical characteristics of the snare drum and whole drum set.

It is worth looking for new sounds and experimenting with different types of drumsticks, so if you have the opportunity, learn about different tools for playing the drums, playing not only with drumsticks.

Plastic hot rods by Rohema with adjustable wires.

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