Better control of stick rebounding - interesting and effective exercise

This time a very simple "Snare Trick", but at the same time a useful practical exercise.

First, a brief explanation - and for some a reminder - of the practical principle of using drum sticks effectively. Holding the stick in the right way, i.e. stable but with adequate looseness, giving freedom of movement, we create a lever mechanism, which means that we can use less force to generate a greater effect (stick impact force, speed).

Here is the classic leverage scheme:

The longer the lever arm (distance from the support point to the end of the arm - right side of the picture), the less force you have to put in to lift the weight on the left.

In our case, the support point is the fingers under the stick - mainly the second, third finger, thanks to which the wrist and the rest of the fingers can put a small force to set the front of the stick in motion.

It is worth remembering the principle of leverage all the time, exercising and playing - on the snare drum and drums set.

Now let's get to the actual exercise. We also use a lever mechanism in it.

Holding the stick in one hand, you hit it with the stick keeping with the other hand so the stoking stick bounces and returns to the upper position. Hitting with a second stick can be adjusted - faster or slower, compacting the sounds bounced with the stick that hits the snare drum.

You can play multi bounced strokes with this technique (after hitting the stick from above with the stick hitting the snare drum - the stick makes many sounds bounced from the snare drum). With the right density of strokes, you get a dense tremolo effect played with one drumstick and the other stroking the drumstick.

This exercise can be varied by hitting not only with an other stick on the stroking stick, but also with your hand stroking on the stick. The snare drum virtuosos rest a stick which strokes the snare drum on the hand (forearm), without holding them with the fingers at all, and obtaining the effect of multi bounced strokes.

NOTE: There is one condition, i.e. you need to find the right place to balance the stick, so that the rebound will be correct (balance).

Good luck!

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