Division of the main note into 9 parts - how to count and feel in this pulsation?

Until now, we have divided the main note into various rhythmic values ​​- eights, triplets, 16ths, sixteen note triplets, quintuplets, seventuplets. This time you divide the note into 9 parts, which not only will result in a new musical challenge, but above all allows you to build very practical and effective grooves and fills - also on the whole drum set.

Dividing a note into 9 parts is not difficult at all, because you can use the smart method of dividing the rhythmic value - twice in a triple way.

First, divide the main note into three parts, getting the eight note triplet (second measure), and then divide each of the triplets into the next three triplets (third measure).

To get used to this way of dividing the main note, start at a very slow tempo (e.g. 40 BPM), playing the quarter notes and then the eight note triplets only with your right hand.

Then add every two strokes to the right hand playing the "triplets od triplets" with your hands (bar 3), obtaining the hand scheme (the third bar):


In this way you get 9 notes!

Such dense fills are often useful on drum sets - as groove’s or drum fills:

That's enough theory for today, as the idea is quite simple, the rest is up to you to get over this pulsation and the exercises described in this lesson, so now I invite you to the practical part!


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