"The Snare Practice Online Course"

The Snare and Drumset "Fitness" Training

THE SNARE DRUM ONLINE COURSE is a modern course for drummers  that has never been seen before.

The Snare Drum Online Course is dedicated to beginners and more advanced drummers.

My 30-day Snare Drum Course means about six hundreds of exercises - not only for a month, but for weeks, months and even years ...

Snare drum exercises - what to practice?

The practical snare drum course teaches technical details, the necessary theory and gives a substantial set of exercises for each day, developed with additional variants and possibilities.

Practice with me to:

- Break with daily routine and the problem of "what to practice" and "how",

- Break the internal resistance to the snare drums,

-Build a daily habit of working on hand technique (snare drum, pad),

- Transparent lessons material gives you a pleasant and conscious work with the snare drum,

-You develop not only speed and technical precision, but also dynamics, timing, coordination, as well as the ability to improvise on a snare drum and transfer snare patterns to a whole drum set.

-Not only "what" and "how", but also "what for" - we learn to develop snare drum exercises to building grooves and fills on the drum set.

Snare Drum Rudiments


My 30-day online snare drum course includes:

Theory and practical part + musical notation of exercises (daily mail)

Video material for each lesson of the course (video)

A dozen exercises for each day, carefully selected and described + additional variants of them

Active sheet music - after clicking the notes, you go to the film illustration of the given exercise

Suggested speed range for each exercise, which makes your work easier.

LESSON CONSTRUCTION - a convenient modular system:

1. Theoretical part: knowledge of basic technical, motoric, music and practical issues and purposefulness of exercises in the lesson,

2. Interval exercises ( play with short pulse breaks)

3.Isometric exercises ( play without a break)

4. Dynamic exercises ( expand the volume range)

5. Symmetrical exercises (practice two-handedness and free change of hands)

6. Asymmetric exercises (specially selected exercises for the weaker hand)

7. Motor exercises (we use specific snare drum techniques)

8.Drum set -  transfer patterns to the drum set, building grooves and fills

Learning to play the snare drum

The course contains almost 600 exercises. We train not only rudiments, but many other useful schemes, learning the habit of working with a snare drum, including the use of snare drum techniques throughout the drum set.


By using my course, you will complete the daily set of snare drills, develop creativity in building your own schemes, achieve technical freedom and develop musicality, increase your dexterity, endurance and gain skill in building your schemes.

You get the lesson with the exercises by email each day, and after the course you get comfortable access to all materials (forever).

You practice in an effective, pleasant and creative way.

I Invite You to my 30-day online snare drum course!

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WHO I AM? a few words about Paweł...

I am a Polish drummer and educator. I have been teaching drums for almost 20 years, but above all I contribute to various music projects as a drummer, because I love to play music for people.

This year I won the competition Polish Percussion Awards 2019 in the 'Personality of the Year' category.

I am the author of two contemporary books for drummer (available for now in Polish language) - "Complete Training" and "Many Styled Drummer" and the book "Cajon For Everyone". These books are very popular in my country.

I have been cooperating with Polish Drum Magazine "Magazyn Perkusista" for 10 years, for which I have created several abundant series of lessons for drummers: "Ghostbusters" (ghost notes in grooves and fills), Girls On Drums (20 drum lesson about basics from drumming), Under The Magnifying Glass (dozens of lessons on learning how to play covers), Complete Drum Training.

I am also the editor-in-chief of InfoDrum.pl Drum Magazine and the author of several online courses for drums and cajon.

In addition, I run drum workshops, online lessons, online instrument tests, and privately train Chinese Kungfu.


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